This is the dilemma everyone is trying to solve. How to fit it all in, without neglecting your body, health and mind. So now you’ve had a glimpse of PrimalThenics as an intelligent answer to this problem. The next question is, where does this go? How does it work? And…


Can it work for you?


By training properly and following good coaching. Start by learning to control your own body. At your level. And progress naturally.

As you’ve seen, PrimalThenics combines primal crawling movements with high intensity calisthenics, and includes neurological and mobility drills. This is a one-of-a-kind training that isn’t found anywhere else in the world… yet.

Memberships to PrimalThenics training on the The Health and Fitness Guy website have sold out!
The all new, improved, game-changing-custom-built PrimalThenics App, will be released soon. Click through to my Facebook page for further details, Chris
— Chris M. 19th June, 2019


Train with past and current Olympians,

Wallabies and NRL Athletes!

“You won’t find a more knowledgeable human! Chris is one of a kind, you won’t find a better coach/mentor who genuinely cares about your holistic well-being like he does.

As an elite athlete I have been exposed to my fair share of health and fitness professionals, I can honestly say that Chris offers some of the best services within Australia if not globally.”
— Brit Elmslie, age 23, Dual Olympic Gold Medallist

You will learn?

  • how to develop joint strength in a naturally progressive way

  • how to develop muscular strength without the need of equipment, or gyms

  • how to increase your stability and mobility, to restore natural and healthy free movement, so you can do more without risk of injury or soreness.

  • how to decompress the joints for greater mobility and neural feedback

  • to maintain and increase the capacity of your brain and nervous system, for increased self-awareness

  • to stimulate the function and capabilities of the eyes and their important role in the nervous system

  • to gain greater all round athletic potential

  • how to sharpen the brain’s map of your body’s sensory and motor neurons, so you can improve asymmetries in the body

  • to train and increase your cardiovascular health

  • how to develop more lean body mass, and lower excess body fat


  •  you get a system I have used to rebuild my body twice: once following my third knee reconstruction at 20, and then following a neurological illness after surgical removal of a tumour from my sinus cavity

  • which I have since evolved over the past 15 years in my personal and professional life

  • which I have used to treat and coach multiple Olympic Athletes, as well as thousands of people in my role as a Chinese Medicine Doctor and Personal Trainer and Coach

  • constructed in such a way as to fit into your week in whatever way it can

  • including patiently detailed PrimalThenics video sessions

  • and specific mobility sessions

  • with access to the private members area on my website, where you can watch these sessions as often as you like during this period

  • and also access to the private Facebook Coaching Support group, where you can watch live Q&A videos, ask honest questions, and expect friendly and useful answers from myself and the other members.

  • and direct access to me in the Facebook Coaching Support group, for any questions or advice you may need.


What you can gain

One of the unique aspects of my system, is the ability to adapt each movement or technique to fit your specific needs at the moment. Can’t do a full push-up yet? No problem, do it with your knees on the ground. For now. And when you’re ready, you can progress to the next level.

Each series, starting with the the Foundation series, is a 12-week long program, and is all about teaching the moves and working on mobility, and conditioning.

You get 2 PrimalThenics session per week, with bonus sessions, tips, Q and A's and advice added into the private Facebook Coaching Support group. (Membership included).

In addition, you get the number one formula on how to actually complete and structure aerobic/cardio sessions as part of your training regime and you also get access to full follow along Mobility sessions, which I advise mixing in between the PrimalThenics sessions.

As I said, I give in depth advice in the members area on how to structure aerobic training, whilst also adding new (optional) weights programs every month or two. Free for members.

I do advocate weight based resistance training. However, people often jump straight into weights without first identifying weaknesses, movement restrictions and mobility issues. By incorporating PrimalThenics into your fitness regime you will quickly address these issues and make yourself a more rounded athlete.

And then there are specific sessions to help you tackle your injuries, mobility restrictions, and movement limitations.

So here you have the overarching approach to the programme, teaching you how to make fitness fit into your life again, in an incredible time- and space-efficient way.

In only 30-45 mins twice per week, in your OWN time, in your OWN space…

Chris got me to change my mindset, diet and training program and after a couple of treatments and a few weeks of PrimalThenics there was a huge improvement.

Plus, you’ll also see…


Guests joining me as training partners

Including well-known and well-respected Olympic and Sports stars, Fitness and Health Coaches, and everyday weekend warriors, teachers, parents, and others just like you.

These training guests — who all endorse and recommend PrimalThenics — include:

  • Brit Elmslie – Dual Olympic gold medallist swimming, London and Rio Olympics

  • Maddie Groves – Silver Medallist Rio Olympics

  • Mitch Larkem – Silver medallist Rio Olympics, Male world swimmer 2015

  • Beryl Friday – Firebirds netballer, QAS scholarship holder Netball and Beach volleyball

  • Estelle Allen – health and wellness blogger and Naturopath

  • Shannon Cooper – health and wellness blogger, My Food Religion, Business manager Paleo Hero

  • Travis Cooper – Fitographer

  • Steve Miller – Swim Coach, CEO, former Rep Rugby player

  • Deb Watson – teacher, mum, Sydney Olympic Gold medallist

  • Adam Elliot and Robyn Wattam – Canterbury Bulldogs player and Track athlete

  • Former NRL players

  • NZ rugby league captain

And many more…


PLUS, as a bonus, I’m adding to this package:

A free Workout Calendar, so you do not even have to think how to make this fit in your week.

A free recipe book from My Food Religion, for easy Keto, low-carb, Paleo, and other healthy snacks and meals, so you do not have to do any research for the ideal nutrition fitting for this program.

I have been amazed on what Chris has done for my strength, flexibility, mobility and breathing in only 7 one on one sessions.

I am now doing hand stands, cartwheels and basic break dance moves, which I haven’t been able to do for over 20 years.

Chris’s passion and knowledge for helping people has truly inspired me, it’s been a life changing experience and I forward to my next steps on my journey.
— M.C., age 40, Sales Executive

PrimalThenics Weekly Membership option

Membership gives you all of the above at only $10 AUD per week, with full access to everything, as long as your membership is active. And you can stop at any time.

Not sure if an annual membership is for you? No problem. Join the membership for a few weeks, try it out, and if not, simply close your membership.

And, in addition to the intermediate program the Foundation Series, membership also gives you access to the PrimalThenics Series and the Challenger Series.

You have to finish the Foundation Series before moving on, but then the PrimalThenics Series builds on, and continues where the Foundation Series leaves off.

The PrimalThenics Series is another 12 weeks, on the same schedule as the Foundation, with new videos detailing more advanced and effective training techniques. And, more videos added continuously.

The Weekly Membership also includes The Challenger Series, which is optional. It is 30 days, with a 30 minute PrimalThenics session every day. Only for those who have advanced and are able and willing to commit to this challenge.

These happen only once or twice per year, as excessive and prolonged High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a sure-fire way to negatively impact your health. But it is important for your physical and mental health to get out of your comfort zone throughout the year. The Challenger Series gives you that opportunity.

If you have an important event coming up — or you’re on summer holiday, or maybe you’re stuck inside for winter, a physical competition coming up, have a lull in work, or just want to push yourself — then this program will help you in your endeavors. It will be intense. It will just be you and me.

So in summary, the Weekly Membership includes


So if you’d like to try out all of this as long as you want — and stop any time, no lock in contracts, no hidden fees, billed weekly — then the DISCOUNTED weekly Membership Package is the right deal for you, at only $10 AUD per week. Simply click here to join the Weekly Membership.

PrimalThenics workouts with the Health and Fitness Guy are the most fun, efficient and effective workouts I’ve ever done!

Every session is different and dynamic and Chris’s knowledge and enthusiasm is inspiring. After just a very few sessions my strength, fitness and balance improved and my body toned and lifted in all the right places!

PrimalThenics has also improved my running and cycling and enabled me to take to the netball court for the first time in four years, without difficulty.

I can’t recommend The Health and Fitness Guy highly enough!!
— R.B., age 40, Mother
Chris is one of the most intelligent health and fitness experts I’ve had the pleasure of working with and learning from.

His knowledge and passion don’t compare to anything else and his unique approach to health and wellness is industry leading and enjoyable for everyone.

Undoubtedly one of the best in the business!
— R.M., Gym Owner, Coach and Personal Trainer.

The PrimalThenics Discounted Weekly Plan

Memberships to PrimalThenics training on the The Health and Fitness Guy website have sold out!
The all new, improved, game-changing-custom-built PrimalThenics App, will be released soon. Click through to my Facebook page for further details, Chris
— Chris M. 19th June, 2019

But you do NOT have to be fit to start. If you find something difficult, just ease up, have more rest, do a bit less, complete what you can, come back later and do it again. This system is designed to gently correct your dysfunctions, limitations, injuries and sore spots. If you’re gentle with yourself, it will take you all the way to your optimal health and fitness.

If you cannot fit in the full week-long programming detailed in the timetable, then all you have to do is adjust it to fit your life. The PrimalThenics sessions take about 45 to 50 minutes. The mobility sessions take 20 minutes. The cardio session can take anywhere from 25 to 55 minutes, depending on your needs and availability.

Your results depend on your commitment, but…

I can promise you this:

If you can show you followed the Foundation Series for at least six weeks, and are still not satisfied with the results, I will refund you the entire purchase price. Without delay or objections.

This way you can try it out and see if it’s a fit for you.

And I’m committing my personal attention and time behind this.

When YOU join you go into my personal and private

“Coach Chris’ Support Group”

Which means you can simply enter the via the link in the welcome email, you then get access to all the extras, support and help you need in the wonderful PrimalThenics community, and you get my personal advice for maximizing your results.

Join NOW and get the results you deserve.

Get the Weekly Membership now.


One of, if not, the smartest and most innovating individuals in the Health and Fitness game. He has got you covered from all things S&C, to remedial massage and alternative medicines, even through to nutrition.

If you want to progress all areas of your training, get in touch with him ASAP.

This will be life changing and isn’t for the faint hearted
— J.A., age 25, Gym Owner and Personal Trainer