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Are you having difficulties working out what to do?

  • Time poor

  • Sore

  • Lack of mobility

  • Busy executive

  • Stay at home parent

You're training but not getting results - or worse yet, always sore or injured. Gyms don't appeal to you and you just need someone there to coach you.

Sounds familiar?


PrimalThenics: Your Fitness Solution.

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I used to be lost too!

When you’re paying for your productive life with aches and pains, and “losing it” because you’re not “using it”, then find your edge here. Build strength, fitness, and find pain-free mobility — in your own time and space. Equipment-free.

This is your fitness solution.


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Benefits of this system:

  • Increased mobility
  • Equipment free
  • Requires limited space
  • Boost strength & fitness
  • Portable training
  • In depth support in private FB coaching group
  • Time efficient training
  • Train at your level
  • Build lean muscle, burn fat
  • In depth coaching
  • Train at home
  • Based on neurological & science based principles of movement and conditioning

Tried, tested and with results.