28 Days to a revitalized YOU!

8 reasons to start now:

1.     Start your fitness journey.

2.     Create a fitness routine.

3.     Get toned.                 

4.     Get lean.

5.     Get fit.                        

6.     Burn fat.

7.     Increase mobility.   

8.     Train at home!

Virtual PrimalThenics - Your Fitness Solution

Don't WAIT!! Make the change, try something new and see the difference.

This is a beginner level program designed to introduce the Virtual PrimalThenics system into your life.

This program is great for those:

  • starting back into exercise,

  • postpartum,

  • undertaking rehab following injury or illness,

  • unsure where to start on their fitness journey,

  • wanting to create exercise habits and routines!

It will help you Get Into the Best Shape of Your Life

It's the Exact Training that Helps You Drop Unwanted Weight and Increase Your Energy Level

It will teach you to move and feel mobile and pain free 

It will provide you with Delicious Meals AND Snacks and a meal planning calendar to get your nutrition on track


The 28 Day Stability, Mobility and Movement Program is highly effective and enjoyable!


  • 14 PrimalThenics Training Sessions.

  • 8 Mobility Videos + area specific rehab mobility videos for problem areas.

  • Nutrition & Lifestyle Consultation.

  • 4 Educational Videos.

  • 2 Full E-Cook Books from My Food Religion to base your Fat Loss Meal Plan on with a meal-plan plan of action to tell you exactly what to eat and when to eat.

  • Closing Success Session re-assessments (to measure how well you have done).

  • Structured training plan, just click and train!

  • Access to our great facebook community reserved for our members (for the duration of the transformation) to work with you through the entire program to help move you towards where you want to be!)

  • Support emails to help keep you on track, motivate and educate you on your way to success.