3 questions with Coach - Anthony Miller, My eldest brother!

This is my eldest brother Anthony. A former Australian swimming champion, a competitive 1st grade rugby union player in both Brisbane and Sydney, an Executive banker and a great family man.

He offers some great insight into success, perseverance, and, of course, a good book to get you thinking. 

With frequent trips for work he has found PrimalThenics to be of great value for his health and fitness. The mobility specific videos serve as a great tool to eliminate aches and pains post long haul flights, whilst the PrimalThenics sessions provide him with an efficient and effective full body exercise regime and allow him to take his training wherever he travels.

What do you want from your training?


Enjoy, Chris

ps: if you have any questions regarding how my Virtual PrimalThenics can help you, please feel free to send me an email, chris@thehealthandfitnessguy.com.au