3 Question's with Coach - Brit Elmslie

I believe that questions present a great opportunity to learn about others, and also, for people to learn about themselves. Training is more than just exercising and working hard. It should encompass mentally challenging yourself to grow, accept/surrender and think.

At some point when training or working with someone I will ask them my favourite questions. I normally wait until they least expect it and provide no advanced warning, because I feel it delivers more honest and raw responses. I am no Tim Ferris, but I hope you enjoy these short glimpse into the thoughts and emotions of others.


Post session with dual Olympic gold medallist Brit Elmslie

Post session with dual Olympic gold medallist Brit Elmslie


In this clip, I have dual Olympic gold medallist Brittany Elmslie. She is a dear friend and professional athlete. She had a rough lead up to the Rio Olympics, but managed to overcome her advercities and win her second Olympic gold medal. She is a trooper. These questions were filmed after we filmed her session that will feature in my online follow along fitness video series. She had given up her Saturday to come in to work through a hard session. It was at the end of a long week of training. Her answers were honest and heartfelt.


I hope you get something from it. I know I did.

Coach Chris

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