Cortisol: Get rid of it now with these simple tips

Cortisol is an inflammatory/ stress hormone released by the Adrenal glands. Cortisol is relaxed by the brain to deal with stressful situations, like getting chased by a tiger. It is also released first thing on the morning to help wake you up. When released in these situations it is perfectly normal and healthy. 

However, when cortisol is released in an uncontrolled fashion, such as from EVERYTHING it runs rampant and causes all sorts of trouble. 

Things like constant hyper stimulation from smart phones, social stress, poor sleep, poor diet, work stress, exercise that is TOO HARD and too frequent in high intensity levels, poor recovery from training, lack of downtime, lack of low level cardio training, too much carbohydrate and sugar consumption, all contribute to higher than healthy cortisol levels. 

Higher than healthy cortisol levels leads to:

  • Weight gain
  • high blood pressure
  • poor sleep
  • fatigue
  • anxiety
  • increased stress
  • hypersensitive to stress
  • mood disorders
  • metabolic disorders
  • impaired immune function
  • brain fog
  • impaired brain function

Want to eliminate high cortisol yet?

Cool! Here are some simple tips to get rid of some excess cortisol levels.

  1. Low level aerobic exercise. What I call Level 1 Aerobic exercise. Go for a walk, swim, jog, cycle, whatever takes your fancy (I find walking the most rejuvenating). Keep your heart rate a level of 180- age. This has so many amazing benefits. I've used this with Olympic athletes, professional footballers, weekend warriors, CEO’s all to great wefts. Here we are training your aerobic system, clearing cortisol, improving cardio-vascular fitness, increasing type 1 muscle fingers which help burn fat, and calming the nervous system through some low grade physical output. It doesn't always have to be high intensity.
  2.  Prepare. One of the defining features of my PrimalThenics training is the focus on distressing the brain and body prior to training so that the whole intergrative system – brain and body – work better. Joint mapping, eye mapping, mobility drills, movement drills, and activation drills either help you get your day under way feeling good, or get you ready for a great training session. A brain more receptive to input from  joints, eyes, vestibular system, and neuromuscular coordination means it is a brain ready to Train. As opposed to trying up with compressed ankles, stiff hips, sore lower back and tried eyes from all day at your desk. Yep your brain will love that!. As a result, boom, increased stress response to training, leading to increased cortisol release. You can get a FREE sample HERE!
  3. Meditate. Remove yourself from hyperdrive. Hand the spaceship over to Chewbacca, and go sit somewhere and breathe. 
  4. Reduce carbohydrate and sugar consumption. You don't need that many carbs, seriously! Constant carbs =’constant yo-yo-ing of blood sugar levels. Your body and brain do not like that one bit. When they don't like stuff, cortisol turns up for a party.
  5. Drink water.. Cut back on the caffeine, coffee, beer, and soft drink  and drink some water or tea. Lots of water!
  6. Green tea – contains Theanine, small amount of caffeine, plus you look really hipster if you ask for a Jasmine green tea. It will be good for your nervous system and your social standing. ‘That guy is so in touch, he drinks green tea.”
  7. Get outdoors. Take your training outside.



Or, finally, go for a bush walk. Just get outdoors and breathe fresh air, feel the grass on your feet, walk through trees, or along the beach. You evolved doing that, not sitting in an office chair for 9 hours. 

I’m giving up the controls to Chewy and going for a walk. What are you doing? What else works for you? Let me know?