Decision Fatigue: The Silent Killer Of Hopes, Goals and Dreams

Want to know what the biggest and best most top secret way to achieve your goals and aspirations?

Remove as many decisions and questions from your day as possible. 
WTF? I hear you say. 

Think about your day:
Get up – What should I eat? What should I feed the kids? What should I wear? What should I pack in the kids lunch boxes? I'm tired, can I be bothered to do gym? Where are my car keys? 

At work – What do I need to do today? How do I do this? What should I eat for lunch? What time is it? 

Where do I start......

Where do I start......


Stay at home parent – What should I do today with little Johnny so he doesn't go insane? Do I want to go to the park again though? What should I pack for him to eat? What's the weather like today? Johnny, where have you gone? Where is his bloody shoes?

Finally you get to the gym….What should I do today? ….Nope…. too hard….no way I'm going over there,  that guy is looking at himself in the mirror again, where else can I do that bloody exercise? What else can I do? Right that’s it, I tried, I'm going! What coffee shop should I go to? What should I cook for dinner? 

The advent of smartphones, excessive varieties of choices for everything, knowing what's good for us, always wanting to be better, trying to reach that cover model physique, doctor google, FB productivity and mental-performance-hack-gurus telling us how to hack our brain for a one hundred and thirteen percent improvement in our productivity output... is slowly driving us all insane. Combine that with looking after kids and you have exhausted your decision making and willpower wells.

There is only so much we can do and focus on, amongst all that mumbo jumbo and hecticness (Is that even a word?) of modern life.

  1. Figure out your priorities and list them.
  2. Try to work out how you can make them work first.
  3. Ask yourself how you can eliminate decisions from your week? Meal plans made on a Sunday for the week? Timetable on the fridge of activities? Before packing up and leaving work for the day write a to do list for the day of all your must do items.
  4. Have a plan. Don't turn up to gym with out knowing what you are going to do. Or better yet, (shameless plug here) follow along to one of my PrimalThenics programs, where you just hit play and go… this 28 DAY FIT AND LEAN CHALLENGE.

Did I just offer a life hack? Am I one of those guys now? Shit! 😳
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