3 Question's with Coach - Maddie Groves

Training is more than just exercising and working hard. It should encompass mentally challenging yourself to grow, accept/surrender and think. I believe that questions present a great opportunity to learn about others, and also, for people to learn about themselves.

After working with Maddie to overcome some debilitating injuries prior to the Glasgow Commonwealth games in 2014, she did something I will never forget.

She brought back a Com Games memento mascot for my then 4 year old daughter.

We still have it Maddie!

We still have it Maddie!

She is special.

At some point when training or working with someone I will ask them my favourite questions. I normally wait until they least expect it and provide no advanced warning, because I feel it delivers more honest and raw responses. I am no Tim Ferris, but I hope you enjoy these short glimpse into the thoughts and emotions of others.

Here are Maddie's thoughts. Enjoy and please let me know your thoughts.

Coach Chris