3 Questions with Coach - Adam Elliot and Robyn Wattam

I have worked with a lot of professional athletes over the years, and I have coached and trained alongside a lot of fantastic people. These are two of the best.

Working through a PrimalThenics session with these two and spending a few hours getting to know them was an absolute joy and privilege. I am so proud to have them as guest for my online PrimalThenics program and I know people at home are going to love training alongside them when they stream my program.

When I coach young men and women and I ask them who do they aspire to be, I often grimace internally when they list the current 'big-time' rugby player. But after getting to know Adam I can't wait until the next time a young man says they want to be a big time NRL player and I can direct them to this guy as a role model for them.

For Robyn, as a strong, capable track athlete, a university student, and just all round wonderful human being, I would love to see her sit down with a group of young women and talk to them about integrity and character.

You will see why in the clip below and in the full length follow along session if you have purchased the program.



Christopher Miller