3 Questions with Coach - Deb Watson

At the Sydney 2000 Olympic games, the oldest sport at the Olympics was finally allowed to be contested by female athletes.

It was a very emotional and inspirational moment for a lot of young women across the country, and even more so for my family. My sister Gail, competed in that team.

The Australian Women's Water Polo team of the 2000 Olympics, became the first ever Female Water Polo Olympic Gold medal winners. What a moment.

When seeking guests for my online program I had a trip booked in for Sydney. My sister Gail reached out to her former team mate Deb Watson, she explained what I waned to do and Deb jumped on board straight away. My sister remarked to me, that that was the type of person she was, generous, open and a leader.


Deb is a busy mother, wife, teacher, coaches water polo, and has had some ongoing injuries, yet took, what ended up being a whole day out of her (and her family's) schedule to drive up to where I was in Sydney and be a guest in my online fitness video program featuring my PrimalThenics. I can't explain how much that meant to me and just how grateful I was and am still to have such an amazing lady join my program.

Deb, is exactly the person I have designed this program for: busy, some aches and pains, and a bit over the gym, but still wants to get some physical work done as often as she can.

Does that sound like you? Motivated but lacking direction, sore, tired, busy, time poor, don't like the gym, want to improve your mobility and reclaim your fitness freedom to do what you want, when you want? Then come train with Deb and all my other inspirational guests.

I hope you enjoy listening to her answers thoughts as much as I did.

Enjoy, Chris