3 Question's with Coach: The FITographer

Here's Trav aka The Fitographer. As a fitness enthusiast, thrill seeker, ex-army, devoted father and working professional with a full time hobby as a fitness photographer, Trav is a busy guy. He also has a gigantic Great Dane called Audrey! It's basically a horse.

The Fitographer. Find him at www.theFITographer.me/

The Fitographer. Find him at www.theFITographer.me/


I was so grateful to have Trav appear as a guest in my online PrimalThenics program. He gave up his time to be a part of my journey. With a wealth of life experience behind him, his responses are worth taking a few minutes out of your day to listen to. It is then an easy click to jump over to his webpage and social media sites for some amazing pictures.


Thanks Trav!

Please let me know your thoughts and comments.