The every-day-person's every day fitness battle!

MALE: “I want to be huge!”

FEMALE: “I want to be skinny!”

MALE: “I want to be shredded!”

FEMALE: “ I want to be toned!”

PERSON: “I grew up competing in high levels of sport, if training isn’t two hours long and incredibly tough, I am wasting my time!”


Most of us will resonate with something, somewhere across that dichotomy of desires and beliefs.

For me, I grew up on a diet of wanting to play for the Wallabies, be like Arnold, move like Bruce Lee, and have long hair, arm tassels, fleuro-trunks and be ripped like the Ultimate Warrior from WWF in the 90’s.

I am now 34 and have 4 university degrees, endured 3 knee reconstructions and 7 years of rehab, a tumour in my sinuses and 3.5 years of rehab, I am a stay at home dad with 3 kids under 7, I am becoming increasingly obsessed with bodyweight and movement training and am happy to get in a 30-minute session and get my kids to eat a healthy dinner, brush their teeth and get into bed without a soul-crushing battle of wills (in which inevitably my 4 year old boy defeats me every single time).

Have your guns Arnold. I'm happy to watch the wallabies play on TV whilst having a cup of tea and the kids are in bed. I will re-watch Enter The Dragon after the Wallabies match. AND I will wear speedos with my dad-bod next time I am at the beach with the kids – because I am a dad, happily married and therefore I can! ANNNND

Sometimes, we must lessen the broadness of the expectations we place upon ourselves and simplify. Now, I am not saying give up and don’t do anything, nor am I saying not to dream big and want more. AND I am definitely not saying not to work hard and bust your guts.

Rather, I am asking you to embrace The Power of Less. You can buy a book on how and why to do that in your life HERE

Aim to be fit, strong and healthy. Identify what you can realistically fit into your life. Recognise what factors are currently holding you back and inhibiting you. Focus on creating a base for your fitness that is founded upon the improvement of your health, not the size of your guns and your waistline.

By all means have those big goals. But be cognitive of the fact that if you are to reach those you will have to endure unbelievable sacrifices like those people made and drastically minimize in other areas of your life.

SO, identify what matters to you.

I just want to be pain free, mobile, strong, and ready to tackle almost any physical challenge at any point in time. I want to feel good about myself physically and proudly bust out my dad-bod in my speedos. Facebook Dad bod shot.

Is that what you want? Work out what you want? How do you want to feel physically when you wake up, go through your day, or do some exercise?

THEN ask yourself how you will get there?

Then join me on my PrimalThenics journey.