3 Questions with Coach - Avalon the FitNurse

Avalon the Fitnurse is about as good as it gets. 

Gentle, overwhelmingly generous and caring and hard working. She works full time as a nurse (she recently volunteered in Africa for a few months), lives and promotes a healthy lifestyle of good food and exercise and to cap it all off she is also studying Law!

She was such a fun guest to have on board and an important one. The people in our society who do shift work to earn an income suffer a great number of health and fitness related issues that often make it too hard to fit in regular trips to the gym. As such it is important to have role models like Avalon to promote a healthy lifestyle to her fellow shift workers. 

Shift workers encompass some of the most important members of our society: Police Officers, Firefighters, Doctors, and Nurses! We can't have these important people left in a state of feeling like they can't fit exercise into their lives. I hope my VIRTUAL PrimalThenics can be of some service to such wonderful people.

As for Av, she had a fantastic session and responded with such warmth and openness in her responses to my 3 favourite questions. I know you will enjoy the short clip below and training with her in the full virtual sessions at The Health and Fitness Guy.