3 Questions with Coach - Shan from My Food Religion

I am so excited for the release of my virtual PrimalThenics program. All you need is an iPad/smart screen and Wi-Fi and you can stream full length follow long PrimalThenics sessions designed to increase your mobility, strength and conditioning.

Even more exciting is that each week you can train with unique and inspiring guests when and where you want.

Guests? Yes! Olympic athletes, NRL players, Bankers, CEO's, ex-Wallabies and ex-NRL players and health and wellness experts.

Shan is my resident food expert! You can find her over at http://www.myfoodreligion.com/

I have known Shan since we were teenagers. I have always held her in the highest regard. She has gone on to such great and inspiring things with My Food Religion and I am so excited to have her as a guest. Her recipe e-books are awesome. Even I can cook something delicious from them, and that is saying something.

I have sent a few of my female friends, clients and guests (including Olympic athletes) to Shan for mentoring because I value her character so highly.

I hope you enjoy Shan's responses to my 3 favourite questions. I also hope you jump over to her website and check out her recipe books! 

Oh! also for those who purchase my online programs you get a free recipe book from Shannon!



Christopher Miller