3 Questions with Coach - Mitchell Larkin

We all know 'that person'. That genuinely good person. That person that no one can say anything bad about. Well that is Mitch. Honest, hard working, gentle, generous. He also happens to be a dual Olympian, an Olympic and Commonwealth games medallist, and a World Champion.

Mitch leads a busy life as a professional swimmer whilst also studying Engineering. You can follow his busy life on Instagram as he leads up to the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

Mitch was good enough to give up his Saturday and come in and film a session on his day off. Mitch not only helped me film a fantastic session for my VIRTUAL PRIMALTHENICS program as a guest (Yes, that's right, you at home can train alongside this legend!), he also stayed around to answer my three favourite questions on success, pushing past limits and his favourite books.

I encourage you to watch this Vlog as it offers not only some fantastic insights into the mind of an elite athlete, but also the mind of a 'that person'.