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Note: Aim to complete two PrimalThenics videos twice in a fortnight! That will mean you complete 4 PrimalThenics sessions in a fortnight. Additionally, complete 1 Mobility per week. Read more about 'Making it Work for You'.

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Aerobic & Weights Training

Level 1: Aerobic exercise

Level 1 cardio, is long steady state aerobic work whereby the heart, lungs and muscles operate in synchronous balance. The benefits are huge and all encompassing. However, there is a trick to aerobic work.

Most people see this as the only style of cardio, and additionally most people either go way to slow or way too fast. Too slow and your wasting your time, too fast and your causing too much damage. The trick to aerobic work is to hit a comfortable spot in your heart rate whereby the aerobic system is worked.

This spot is found by the magic formula:
180 - your age. For me, 180-34 = 146 beats per minute (bpm)

If you have any health issues, overweight, just beginning, or in fact too muscular, you minus another 5 from the above formula. Once you have mastered this for at least 3 months you can then add 5 beats to your mark, so 185-age. 

The goal is to move (run, swim, bike, walk) to your predetermined heart rate and keep it there for an extended time 30 - 60 mins. Do not go over your mark, if you do, slow down or stop the activity and resume when heart rate is below your level. 

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Be strict about it.

By doing so you operate just below the point where oxygen demand exceeds oxygen intake which results in oxygen debt. By avoiding oxygen debt, you ensure optimal aerobic work. Steady state cardio has really taken a beating over the past few years. Labelled as inefficient, worthless, skinny-fat exercise.

When done in excess for your average Joe, whom does not eat well or live well, it can cause a stasis in your fitness/weight loss journey. The body, determined to find an efficient way to do anything, will quickly find a way to complete this as easy as possible. However, as part of a strategic plan it can reap huge benefits for your heart health, fat burning, recovery and stress reduction amongst other things.

Level 2: Interval cardio purposefully disturbs the balance to spike the heart rate.

It includes an element of muscular effort and is powered by fast twitch muscle fibres.
The cardiovascular system is purposefully pushed passed capacity, then granted a brief recovery to regroup before another effort. Interval training creates steep oxygen debt due to the intensity of the muscular effort.

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Muscles require oxygen to contract and by purposefully engaging in activities that create oxygen debt the body s forced to cope and adapt. This adaption recruits the mobilisation and oxidation of stored body fat as the basal metabolic rate is elevated and remains elevated for an extended period post training.

It can also be very diverse in its application. Run-sprint- run, swimming sprints, low resistance exercises and calisthenics, boxing etc can all be used. Implemented wisely and it work symbiotically with the benefits of level 1 cardio exercise and strength training. Overused and it can cause too high fatigue levels, too much stress for the body and high levels of inflammation. Like everything, more is not always better.

Level 3: Muscular Cardio

Muscular cardio adds an element of muscular intensity to aerobic and interval work and creates new mitochondria. By doing so, it boosts strength endurance, muscle density and your ability to work hard. The sustained and intense training is reputed to create Type III Intermediate fast-twitch fibres; a cross between Type I and Type IIb.

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These hybrid fibres utilises both aerobic and anaerobic pathways for energy metabolism - they are like a Bond car, they can drive a 100 miles an hour, fire a rocket and then turn into a Aquamobile. The requirements for building your very own Bond car-like muscles involves the blending of cardio, interval and resistance training principles.

It has been popularised over the past few years with elements of Crossfit, MMA training, and use of implements like kettle bells. Sessions like 100 rep finishers at the end of regular training or as a stand alone session, 30minute AMRAPs (as many rounds as possible), and PrimalThenics are ideal.


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