There’s a threat on the other side of a full and demanding life.

A successful career and family is rewarding, but often comes at a cost. Because the first thing we sacrifice is our own health.

Putting demands on a young body just seem to make it stronger, but as you turn around 30 or 40, the sins of youth come to revisit.

Except now, you have the added pressure of time. And soon you learn the true meaning of “use it or lose it”, and the aches and pains that they glibly write off as “signs of old age”.

Hey there!

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I'm Chris Miller


I’m Chris, aka The Health & Fitness Guy.

In my life, I have hit rock bottom, lost all motivation, and ran out of time and energy for staying healthy… never mind exercise.

Just after my 20th birthday I endured my 3rd knee reconstruction. It left me without any ligaments or menisci in my right knee. I was told I would…


Never walk properly or run again.

For 3 years I followed traditional rehab standards and I got nowhere. For the next 3.5 years I experimented, explored, and learnt everything I could. I began to expand my knowledge and reclaim my fitness and body.

Then, finally… I ran again.

And at age 29, I had a tumour cut from my sinuses that left me with severe neurological issues. For 6 months, I couldn’t train, I couldn’t read, watch TV..

Nor even carry my baby daughter


Again, I was told it would be permanent. This time, instead of wasting precious time following standard rehab, I leapt into the unknown, and again reclaimed my freedom.

Now at 34 I am the fittest, strongest and most mobile I have ever been.

As a full time stay at home parent – with a wife and three children, and 5 university degrees – I had no time, nor energy, for traditional training.

I was forced to learn some of the most unconventional and counter-intuitive techniques and exercises for my own recovery and development, but which anyone can implement, even in the most challenging and busy of lives.

As a certified Chinese Medicine Practitioner — for 13 years — and with training in clinical musculoskeletal rehabilitation, I have since treated many people and injuries. I have learned how to go deeper, to discover and treatunderlying issues holding people back — in cases where traditional Western methods would simply throw more punishment at a problem.

I have been a personal trainer and coach since 2001, and also ran a full-time gym in Brisbane. Along this journey, I have learned what works for who, and how to avoid the over-hyped fads which only show short term results.

For years, my methods have been taught personally, one-on-one. But I have come to realise there is a broader need, for people like you, who cannot afford the inconvenience of in-person training.

Which is why I decided to…

Open up the principles of this system online, 
for free

Which you can learn in your own time, in your own space, despite a busy life, and without equipment, over the course of two weeks.

Introducing PrimalThenics, a unique combination of mobility drills, neurological techniques, muscle activation, crawling and high intensity calisthenics.

PrimalThenics evolved over the years of my personal and professional life, since 2005, and I’ve used it to coach over 15 Olympic Athletes, many other professional athletes, and also to treat and train thousands of people in everyday occupations.

In this FREE programme, you will:

  • Learn the counter-intuitive skill of brain-mapping. For activating the brain’s natural ability to maintain healthy movement, heal injuries, and improve the signal clarity to your joints, thereby improving mobility, power of output, and inevitably: faster development.

  • Learn when and how to use primal crawling techniques — in your own private space — utilising every single joint while promoting strength, conditioning, coordination, flexibility, stability and mobility — and regaining your natural ease in common activities like walking, running, sports… and the simple joy of living ache-free and pain-free.


  • Learn how to correctly engage the body’s natural fat burning response — even for long periods after training — with the precise use of interval training: timed heart rate spikes, engaging fast twitch muscle fibres, interspersed with brief recovery breaks.

  • Learn how to discover your own tight spots, weak spots and restrictions — and then how to release or activate them — to improve your posture and stability, your energy levels, and your body’s ability to move under load, thereby gaining even greater benefit from further training.

And aesthetics will come naturally, as the side-benefit of having a beautifully performing, healthy and supple body — even though appearances are not the primary focus of PrimalThenics.

All of these exercises and techniques are designed to fit into the most busy and demanding of lives. They can be done anywhere — including your own private space, even while travelling, so you can …

Avoid the time-and-money drain of going to gym

You don’t need any equipment, although weights can be introduced if your prefer. All you need is yourself, a water bottle, a towel, your tablet or internet device, and a few square meters of space.

Recommendations are given for regularity and frequency, but you can follow your own schedule, as it best fits the demands of your life.

You get this material in the form of free follow-along videos and emails with educational background, covering all the above principles.

You will also see me share a training session with Shan Cooper, the health and wellness blogger at MyFoodReligion, Business manager at Paleo Hero, and the Australian Queen of convenient healthy cooking.

If you need any help or have any problems then all you have to do is email me - at any time, and i'll help you in any way i can.

The PrimalThenics sessions are entirely adaptable to your fitness level. It is a system designed to aid you on your fitness journey…

Wherever you are right now

Every technique and exercise have several challenge levels, so you can pick the level that fits your current situation and capabilities, and progress naturally when you are ready. You have a choice of adjusting variables like angle, lever, reps, speed, velocity, rest periods and volume — whether you’re using bodyweight or (optionally) normal weight training.

Or you can simply take a rest when you need, and come back to it later.

You do NOT have to be fit to start, but sticking with PrimalThenics will get you all the way there.


Would you like to try this programme? 
It couldn’t be easier. Simply sign up here, and I’ll send you the details:

You won’t find a more knowledgeable human! Chris is one of a kind, you won’t find a better coach/mentor who genuinely cares about your holistic well-being like he does.

As an elite athlete I have been exposed to my fair share of health and fitness professionals, I can honestly say that Chris offers some of the best services within Australia if not globally.
— Brit Elmslie, age 23, Dual Olympic Gold Medallist

A lot of effort has gone into producing this programme, and I offer it to you in good faith.

I honestly do NOT know how long I’ll be able to give away my training techniques and methods like this. So you may find this is your chance to join and learn this unique system, for free now, before it becomes entirely “pay-to-play”: