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I Own It


Who do you owe it to today?



  • Every day for 45 days, play the video in the order provided

  • Videos are no longer than 30 minutes

  • If you miss a day, just play that video when you an get back into the routine

  • Jump into Coach Chris’ Support Group on FB and keep in touch

  • Film one video and take two photos before you start, and again at the end of the program, so you can track your progress

o   Video: Who DO You Owe It To…….

o   Photo: Deep Squat Position

o   Photo: Standing shirt off

Day 1

Mobility Session 1. It all starts and ends with mobility. See where you are at. Embrace inadequacies.

Day 2

Beginner Session 1. You have to start at the beginning.

Day 3

Beginner Session 2. Keep at it.

Day 4

Beginner Session 3. Progression comes from laying the foundations.

Day 5

Beginner Session 4. Simple Stupid, stupid simple always wins.

Day 6

Beginner Session 5. Don’t think, just do.

Day 7

Beginner Session 6. Halfway through the development phase.

Day 8

Beginner Session 7. The novelty has worn off; life and aches and pains are getting in the way. Keep at it.

Day 9

Beginner Session 8. Movement will restore that which was lost.

Day 10

Beginner Session 9. Get support. Get your friend, partner or kids in the trenches with you.

Day 11

Beginner Session 10. Don’t stop.

Day 12

Beginner Session 11. Penultimate beginner session.

Day 13

Beginner Session 12. The final beginner session. Your return to action is complete.

Day 14

Mobility Session 2. Take a breather, embrace new movement potential.

Day 15

Challenger Session 1. Begin.

Day 16

Challenger Session 2. Harder than it looks.

Day 17

Challenger Session 3. If it was easy everyone would do it.

Day 18

Challenger Session 4. Look where you are at, and were you can get to; embrace that gap.

Day 19

Challenger Session 5. You will not change by doing the same old stuff, again.

Day 20

Challenger Session 6. Fatigued? Eat well. Drink well.

Day 21

Challenger Session 7. As your energy expenditure goes up, so will your desire for excess calories. EAT WELL.

Day 22

Challenger Session 8. Are you drinking enough water?

Day 23

Challenger Session 9. Are you getting enough sleep?

Day 24

Challenger Session 10. You should be proud of yourself.

Day 25

Challenger Session 11. Be proud, but don’t let that stop you.

Day 26

Challenger Session 12. Consistency = change.

Day 27

Challenger Session 13. Effort = change.

Day 28

Challenger Session 14. Desire = change.

Day 29

Challenger Session 15. The halfway mark of the Challenger Series. Tell yourself and your loved ones how good you feel.

Day 30

Mobility Session 3. Rest does not mean idle.

Day 31

Challenger Session 16. Feel that PRIMAL AWAKENING. That PHYSICALITY. That is YOU

Day 32

Challenger Session 17. Feed that PRIMAL PHYSICALITY with real food!

Day 33

Challenger Session 18. I know you are hurting. But it will hurt more to go back to what you were doing -> the same.

Day 34

Challenger Session 19. The human body is an adaptation machine. Move it, fuel it, feed it stimulus to adapt to better.

Day 35

Challenger Session 20. The summit has been reached. Picture yourself there………and want more!

Day 36

Challenger Session 21. The journey is what it is all about.

Day 37

Challenger Session 22. I owe it to……………?

Day 38

Challenger Session 23. We all have a warrior within.

Day 39

Challenger Session 24. Your PRESENCE. Build it within.

Day 40

Challenger Session 25. Power is not dominating others, it is embracing that which you find difficult.

Day 41

Challenger Session 26. Mind, Body, Spirit.

Day 42

Challenger Session 27. The end is in sight. But the journey has only just begun.

Day 43

Challenger Session 28. When you started. What were the limitations you set on yourself? Know that they are self-imposed. You are what you do.

Day 44

Challenger Session 29. The penultimate session. The opening of the door to your potential and your future. Be what you want to be.

Day 45

Challenger Session 30. The FINISH LINE. Message me, let me thank and congratulate you, and then wish you well for the future, because you have only just begun. Look what you have done in 45 days of effort!! What will 45 WEEKS of effort look like? YOU OWN IT!